Wow! A network switch that improves your digital audio


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I just saw this today myself. It reminds me of when Discwasher, the same guys you made the vinyl cleaning kit sold CD cleaning kits. At the time, I didn't fully understand digital, early 80's, I didn't buy it, but ...

Good thing there are people trying to educate people. YouTube is more than just FailArmy (I doi like watching FailArmy) and cute cats. If you look.


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I recently ran into this lovely gem. When I first installed it, everything sounded compressed, flat and dull. Then I noticed that the ground cable is directional, so obviously I was letting all the junk INTO my system. Once I turned it around, all the trash drained out of the sound, and the veils disappeared from my Dean Martin box set. I could smell the liquor on his breath (I think it was J&B Rare scotch).

Absolute best $300 I have ever spent.

300 ground.jpg

Later I'm going to play my Grateful Dead album and see if I can get a contact high from Jerry Garcia.