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Mick Doobie

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It's cool. Everything is cool. I appreciate any concern or well intentions. That's what humanity is about, yeah? Any pot shots can't touch it.

ibleedburgundy said:
A huge unpartisan global consensus of doctors and scientists recommend the vaccine.

Fuck a stump.

The "consensus" on my end says only women get pregnant. The ever growing "global consensus" on your end says that is a false narrative in favor of "pregnant people", or some such nonsense. You live in clown world, as does any schlub of a "doctor or scientist" who succumbs to the weight of the world of so called "global consensus" and acquiesces for the purposes of self preservation to form an independent opinion on myriad of realities or possibilities. Is their any doubt why people doubt the sanity of you and yours. "Global consensus of doctors and scientists"? Pssht, I reckon everybody gotta make a living, the poor bastards.


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No, you fucking idiot, You may try educating yourself on idiomatic expression.
Dude get this. That night I got my car back from the trans shop. As I was exiting the vehicle I swung my leg out and my TOE got caught on a wire hanging by the gas pedal. The wire ripped out from 4 places under the dash. I lost all illumination in the cabin, and the radio cut out.

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