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You ever wet a line there? Could catch something good for the Cooking With thread.
I’m not a fisherman and align it with people that can kill plants without a ‘green thumb’. I’ve caught a few fish but never learned to fish correctly so I don’t.

Wanna teach me here and tell me what I need I’m ion to it
I’m not a fisherman and align it with people that can kill plants without a ‘green thumb’. I’ve caught a few fish but never learned to fish correctly so I don’t.

Wanna teach me here and tell me what I need I’m ion to it

Pretty simple, really. Purchase a rod & reel combo, some sporting goods stores and likely Walmart has "Ready to fish" combos. Not top quality, but inexpensive,,will get the job done. No need to break the bank for the occasional casual. Get licensed, getting popped fishing is one thing, getting popped taking something you've caught home could result in a sizable fine. T

Learn a couple simple knots. Get some bait, I used to hit the Asian market for fresh bait, cut it into chunks. Other than fresh bait being fresh bait, it stays on the hook better than mushy frozen. Bait & Tackle shop should have double bottom rigs, 2 mints. 2 mints, 2 mints in one(old double mint gum commercial, heh). Get long shank hooks, some saltwater fish have teeth. Get pre-tied hooks, easy to attach to the double bottom rig. Get an inexpensive rod holder you place in the sand(look ma, no hands!). A lounge chair. Toss it in and wait while you enjoy the view. Look for drop offs, gullies, fish bridges, the mouth and inside inlets. Fishing at night, you can get miniature glow stick type lights that attach at the end of the rod, much more enjoyable than squinting or having necessary back lighting in the distance to see a strike. Night fishing is a blast, cooler, less heat as well. A headlamp is good to have, I just wear one around my neck rather than my head. Know your regs, size limits, some can be slot...nothing under or over a certain size. You can take a bucket for keepers, or as an alternative bury the fish in cool sand, for a while, not too long. It's tempting but don't clean regulated fish on the spot, that is illegal, game officials can't measure if they wish. It's a good rule. Don't be tempted to keep fish that are not legal to keep, personal integrity, it's part of the game/challenge, and there are reasons for the regs, keeping populations healthy.

Piece of cake, really. Fun. You can meet a lot of cool people, other fishermen or people who are curious and stop to chit chat. Bonus, you might get dinner. You have to spend a little bit of money to get going, after that you're good, maybe replenish gear if you get hung up, bait. Bottom fishing is a good place/method to start. Depending on interest you can perhaps move to movement, casting lures or slowly dragging live bait along the bottom for ambush predators.
Note: if you find you're getting a lot of pressure from crabs eating your bait, which can be annoying and keep you a bit too busy to enjoy, you can get "fish bites" type bait. It's a sort of kevlar like mesh covered in artificial bait type stuff. Crabs can't readily rip it off. You'd be surprised, with heavy crab pressure your hook can be stripped of fresh bait in a matter of a few seconds. Rinse and repeat you go through a lot of bait and makes catching something nearly impossible. Fish bites do work, you can catch fish.
My neighbor likes to fish so I may make a purchase.

He drinks Schlitz malt liquor and I’ve been drinking Jack and Diet Coke lately so not sure how well we will do in that aspect of it but at least the places are close to us.
Chicks, the ladies dig watching a man fish. The eyes, you get a glimpse from the other side, it's almost uncomfortable at times.

I won't say never, and to each their own, I most typically do not like to drink alcohol when fishing. It is kind of a sport. Divided focus, crab or something else eats your bait, you sit there for another 30 minutes, drinkin'. Can't catch fish like that. I try to travel light, makes hitting the beach less of a major decision, a chore. You're more apt to go if you keep it simple. Even at that you're still fairly loaded down, a rope threaded through rod holders over a shoulder, smallish tackle box on a rope over a shoulder, beach chair over a shoulder, bucket w/ bait in one hand, 2, 3, sometimes 4 rods in the other. That cart bullshit I do not do, makes it more of an event/chore rather than pick up and go. That's the most important part, go. Don't have time or don't want to go through the effort to purchase bait, keep fish bites in your tackle box, small hooks on one rod. Catch a small unregulated fish, now you have fresh cut bait. At times it is preferable to take just one rod, a few lures. Walk the beach, find them rather than them find you sitting stationary. Sometimes it is just a matter of yards, you might be catching fish all day long while someone 20 yards down is coming up bust.

Wait out the angst of the world, the first hour or so. In time all else just disappears, it's just you and the sea, the skies above, toes in the sand, then the tip of the rod dips. A lot of the time I prefer catch and release, even legal fish. Handle them gently, with respect. Don't take more than you need, just because they're legal to keep. Don't just throw them back, lower and hold underwater to revive, allow them to swim away. It took a lot out of them. Don't kill shit unnecessarily, "trash fish", skates, don't do shit like cut the white underside of flounder for bait, nothing pisses me off more. Respect and maintain the fishery. Take care of your gear, don't lay your rod & reel in the sand or submerge under water.

Fore warned, the ladies dig watching a man fish.
We had drifted about two miles down river when my daughter tells me she left the keys for the pick up car in the truck, what shall we do? We will have to climb out and get to the road and walk back to the truck. She decided to pull us up stream. I sat in my tube while she pulled. That went of for about a half mile when she finally agreed to my plan. She was feeling guilty lol. We left the tubes on the river bank, made it through the fields up to the road and walked about a mile to the truck. I drove her back, dropped her off and went down the road a ways and turned around an picked her up with the tubes she had brought up from the river bank. Then we drove down about six miles to the next drop in point. We only had about 3 miles to go to the pick up car. Then the thunderstorm came up. The current was so slow it started blowing us back upstream! She got in the water and started towing us. I told her to stay in the middle because of over hanging trees and the gusts of wind when a huge branch came out of one crashing into the river. Then when it started thundering and lightening I told her we have to head to the land between those two trees that if they come down they won't hit us. She towed us to the spot and we got out just as it started to downpour. It was cold rain. She asked when I thought it would stop. I said ten to fifteen minutes and within that time the sun was back out and we were on the river again. The river then felt like a bathtub. Temperature somewhere between 75-85? We have had four weeks of hot weather and no real rain for six weeks. All in all it was a fun day.
I like watching YouTube on abandoned rail lines on occasion. There is a cool one near San Diego. abandoned that has a cool wood trestle and some tunnels through the hills
I like watching YouTube on abandoned rail lines on occasion. There is a cool one near San Diego. abandoned that has a cool wood trestle and some tunnels through the hills
You would have had some fun watching me trying to get back in the tube in deep water lol. I must have looked like a skinny beached whale. My daughter Lorraine got a few good belly laughs out of it.
Life's for living, but y'all be careful out there, emergency assistance/care ain't exactly just around the corner.
I had a life jacket and the tube but stupid me decided to get out to cool off in one of the few places it was over my head. I grew up on a tidal river on the ocean and was an excellent swimmer at one time. I would like to think I would make it to either bank but at this age anything could happen.