What have you never seen?

well, that was funny! You know what I’ve never seen?
A guy on horseback at a McDonalds drive thru.
I've never seen a live badger. I've seen a dead one. I was 52 at the time. Only badger I've ever seen and it had to be dead.
Never seen a real life Bum Fight. They were videos all over YT some years ago, but never saw a one in person. And there were bums all over LA and Hollywood .

They were probably ‘mostly peaceful’ bums :LOL:
I've never seen the Beatles live.... Maybe on the other side...if there is an other side :eek: ...I'll se ya all there Mo Fo's..

Never seen a midget basketball team.
Maybe that would be possible by simply lowering the net accordingly. Perhaps that could be suggested in the next paralympics? Seriously, we have wheelchair tennis and stuff. So really why not basketball for people of resricted height? I'm not joking