Westinghouse 6V6 Tubes A Waste In Super Champ XD?


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Recently scored a pair of Westinghouse USA_made 6V6 tubes I got in a grab-bag of tubes- the bunch cost me something stupid like fifty cents. Turns out the Westinghouses both tested out at 90 on the same tube tester, so I am taking them as a matched set. I have two amps (I own others, they live/work at studio101nola)- an Ampeg J12T (EL84's) and the SCXD. Tried the 'Houses, and I did notice better tone on Channel 1- not a bunch but some, but (like a musiciansfriend.com reviewer said) far less improvement on the effects/voicing channel.

I'm thinking these tubes are wasted in that amp. Perhaps it would be best to use them in something else. like my SF Deluxe Reberb- but that amp is not within my reach, geographically, so that would benefit others but not me.

Thought about selling them, but hardly seems worth the trouble- if they are black-plates, they might bring close to $100, but greys fetch far less. I should keep them for when I need them. And whew! Multiply the number of different makes/varieties of tubes on the market, by the number of very subjective reviews, and you could spend all day and still have no idea where to start- and then spend half your savings trying the ones (hundreds?) you "narrowed" it down to.

I think I'll just play through the Ampeg.


Cosmic Cowboy
Just use them....they're not THAT special.
You could find a pair of blackplate Westinghouse 6V6 tubes from $20 to $60....there's all kinds of 6V6 tubes out there.