Trump on Trial!

Also, a little ass kissing appreciation is in order and I’ll lay it here.

Hey mods, do you get paid to moderate this particular site? Make any money at it? Decent or not really much and have have other sites you do the same and it’s cumulative?

Whatever the case, and hope you are being compensated somehow as you should be because we are all technically free loaders which is cool; what is your work/time compensation for this particular forum and the particular spirited political threads and I know you all have to monitor them frequently?
Yeah it’s a little ass kissing but more of a ‘What does our banter put you through as moderators of I like this site and have been here awhile as have many of us, so curious on how bad we can or do make things for you guys.

TBH I don’t think that’s anyone’s intent in here to make your jobs more difficult, but I’m sure when fireworks are flying it may and does make your shit harder to deal with.

Any insight?
You still sticking with that story? Lol. :ROFLMAO:

This is the best the democrats had to offer out of over 300 million americans?
This is the guy the left want to continue to control our nuclear arsenal?
God help this country.

The only thing that would improve the ad is to have a few clips of Kamala laughing (with that goofy laugh of hers, mixed in
No, I did not. Probably would have voted for Biden, but I'm Canadian.
I thought I saw you say at some point you have dual citizenship but saying you'd vote for him communicates the same defective sensibilities and ethics. You support open borders and shower perverts.