This is who they are. This is who we are.

We’ve already proven by repetitious experiments that one subatomic particle can exist simultaneously into two different spaces divided by irrelevant physical distances and also that some subatomic particles though they should be bound by their atomic state, fail to reveal themselves when observed. Crazy, but apparently they are shy.

This is Quantum Partical Physics and respect to Dr. Hoffman for not being versed in that methodology, his beliefs hold water and don’t contradict recent science

I saw this 3 weeks ago but yeah, proper jailing. LED me to a rapper in GA (originally Louisiana?) that I thought was gonna be a farce but ended up listening to some of his clips, a few seconds on some, but not bad…Being high end fashion and actual singing (melodically in-key) with a newer rhyming verse rhythm. Not a bad move. It’s the whole street violence gang association to murder that is nailing him
Lets see how SCOTUS rules this one?

If Trump ordered it he would be exonerated by the most recent ruling. If Biden ordered it, the same. Lol at this making its way to a SC hearing because S.W.A.T. are typically local special law enforcement units. Fed Military special forces? If so, then it has some teeth. But yeah, we all know what should be right in compensation in that case and hope the local/regional authority does the fair thing.

This guy is the same age as Biden.
I don't agree with everything he says, but nobody can flow and say it like he can.
And Biden’s faults aren’t about chronological age, it’s about his condition. I know 80 year olds that are in much better physical and mental health than Joe. He is frail which may or may not be contributing to his mental deficiencies, but he has illustrated the latter enough for even the farthest left to recognize a problem if they are being honest with themselves. Whatever the source of the problem, there is a clear mental/physical deficiency and to be POTUS, that is a problem.