This is very hard.


My wife of 33 years succumbed to COVID this afternoon. Our anniversary was the 12th, and I just got my third album released. She was very excited. And then in the course of a few short days, she is gone. Thank you in advance for all your prayers and thoughts.


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So very sorry man. I can't imagine the shock and heartache you are bearing right now.
Love, hugs and prayers of consolation going out to you and your loved ones in this tragedy you must now walk through.

Mick Doobie

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How terribly tragic. 33 years, I can't imagine. My heart aches for you. Sincerest of condolences. There are people here who care about you, if you ever feel a need to say more....


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Brother......I'm so sorry for you. I know the love you and your wife shared all those years will both make you cry....and make you smile. As has already been said.......there are a lot of people here for you.....really. Don't go away. Stay here with us and we'll do our best. It's in times like this that we all realize how insignificant our other debates are in the scope of life. It's friends like you who matter the most.

May god give you the strength to get through the hours and days ahead.



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I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. Stay strong, and dont be afraid to lean on your friends and family. Love and support is important.

rob aylestone

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I lost my mum to it, so I can understand your pain - BUT - I lost my dad quite a few years ago to a heart attack. I can't remember the day he passed, or even the year sometimes without real thought. Being one of the Covid legion will make sure it stay with you for ever. Sincere condolences. It does get better.