The Man Who Put Everyone Else On Their Paths Toward Guitar Stardom

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Les Paul was uniquely a humble man. That's not to say, however, that he didn't enjoy and relish each and every time he was on stage performing, perhaps unknowing of, and perhaps totally unaware of the fact that he spawned more than one generation of great guitarists in his wake.

Watch the complete video in order to understand that the most important thing in Les Paul's life was the music.


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Not only was he innovative as to developing musical technologies, but he was a monster virtuoso player and the pioneer of the practice of getting an endorsement.
He created THE signature guitar.

Look at how long his name has been on the headstock of one of the most favorite guitars of all time.

I’ve met many a person who have no idea who he was, but they sure as hell know what a Les Paul is.

Eddie Van Halen had a similar goal for creating a legacy like that for himself, but wasn’t that successful at it. He tried with Charvel, Kramer, Musicman, Peavey and later, his EVH line through Fender.

But he never found that one iconic guitar that his name would be on and would be recognized long after it was forgotten that “Eruption” was one of his tunes . This is possibly due to his bouncing around with different endorsement contracts

Time will tell, but I think his goal will go unrealized.

Les stuck with Gibson, and despite there not being as many brands and manufacturers back then, he could have bounced around. But he remained with that one company and the rest is history.

His name will live on forever even if his music is forgotten.
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