The Controversially Political Humor thread

That’s the entire problem with today’s media. Zuckerberg basically did that and became a mega billionaire off the backs of his users (followers).

The divide grows and both sides think the same thing about the other side. That is how the algorithm is designed to work.

However both sides aren’t equal in that the criminality and corruption is far greater now on the right than on the left, and the real Americans, like me, live somewhere in the middle. If you study history you would know that the opposite was true in the Jim Crow era. The Dems were the more corrupt side back then. It’s the exact opposite now, though.

Trump has lived his entire life as a corrupt person. His dad was corrupt before him and all his children are corrupt beyond redemption. Trump cheated his way through life from the time he was in boarding school, to dodging the Vietnam draft, to ripping off all of his vendors.

The recent corrupt rulings by the SC have been decades in the making and Trump kicked down the door for them. They are about to destroy the constitution and turn us into a theocratic corptocracy. Mitch & the Federalist Society along with billionaire’s like Leo Leonard, the Koch’s, and Harlan Crow have been playing this long con against our freedom for decades and if Trump wins it all over.

They scammed the country to pack the court and now the court is about make us into a country that our forefathers fought against. Trump is above the law and we a completely fucked as the result. Mark my words. The separation of church and state along with freedom of the press are two of the most important things in our constitution to help guarantee our freedoms and both of these things are gone when Trump has his Dictator For a Day moment, which is another of his lies because it will be dictator forever, not for just a day.

Liz Cheney should run as a democrat or an independent. Even though I can’t stand most of her policies at least she supports the constitution which very few do at the moment. I’d vote for her over Kamala. There are other much better folks though.

I hate that Biden picked Kamala as his VP, but at the time it made sense politically. Now, it’s hurting him politically. If he had a strong leader as a VP we wouldn’t be in this jam. A month ago I was confident the Dems would sweep to put a stop once and for all to the orange mobster.

I’m so upset with the latest debacle in the SC, that I believe there will never be any accountability for trumps treason. This will probably be the last election where voting means anything. I’m pissed about it.
When a person on one side decides EVERYONE on the other side is evil and incompetent, they are in a cult. For instance, do I think brassplunker is evil and incompetent? Yes.