The Celebrity Obituary Thread

Is it just me or does anyone else get a little butterfly in the stomach when you see there's a new post on this thread?

I hadn't heard about that murder what he did. I'm guessing stab in the dark it all went down to the crossroads?
Ha! That's a great picture - Reed tangled up with a young Lewis Alcindor.
I saw them win two championships on TV as a young man. I forgot just how good Willis was until I watched a highlight reel on youtube
just after he passed. He was badass. No three pointer in those days to pad your scoring. LeBron leads the league. How many three pointers
did Kareem take?
Meh... who needs 3-pointers when you can go inside with the sky-hook... :thumbs up:
My point is change all LeBrons three pointers to two pointers, as a matter of fact, do it for the whole three point era, then see who has the most points. As far as I am concerned, the three point play, not enforcing traveling, the loose ball foul and no hand checking has ruined the whole game. Especially the the three pointer, I can barely watch the game anymore. Why not just make dribbling optional and no shooting from inside the arc. Then they can just dance up and down the floor and chuck up three pointers.
Aw, man. One of my favorite entertainers. Recently rewatched his movie The World, The Flesh and The Devil - good actor.
In the UK, we've had a few high profile entertainers cop it in the last couple of weeks ~ but apart from maybe Barry Humphries {?} I doubt any of them have any real global reach. Britain seems to have a fondness for drag queens and dance judges.