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Eric V

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I love the comment by Joan Baez when she heard he'd died; she described him as "a prince among thieves !"
I remember back in the 70s, when I was getting into the Stones, my Uncle's girlfriend said that he reminded her of "Piltdown man" {Charlie, not my uncle}. When I discovered what piltdown man was, I had to laugh. I don't believe in humans evolving from apes, but if I did, he'd be good evidence of a missing link !
I always loved his drumming. I remember being knocked out by his drumming on "Let's spend the night together" and even more so on "We love you." And some of the best drumming from the 60s is him on the end of "Dandelion." Ironically, the greatest piece of drumming on a Rolling Stones song, in my opinion, is that found on "You can't always get what you want."
And it's not him !
Who did the drumming on "You Can't..." if it wasn't him ?


If only for a moment.....
Who did the drumming on "You Can't..." if it wasn't him ?
An American producer called Jimmy Miller. He spent so much of his time strung out on heroin in the toilet, but he enabled them to record some of their greatest songs and he was no shitty drummer.