tascam br20


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I'm considering getting a Tascam BR20 Reel to Reel Tape. It runs at 15ips and I think 1/4 inch tape. Has anyone has experience with this. I can't seem to find a tape machine that runs at 30ips.

Br20 is available in NAB 2 track, DIN stereo, and NAB 2 track with timecode track options. High speed version runs at 15 and 7.5 ips. Low speed at 7.5 and 3.75. 1/4" tape. It is an excellent all-round machine, stable tape path and transport including mirror image capstan/pinch assembly, and constant tension servo. 30ips machines include the Sony APR5002/5003, Otari MTR 10,12,15,20. Studer A802 or 807 I think... (not up to speed on the Studers)Fostex E2 and E22. BR20 also has NAB/IEC selectable eq, ext capstan control, and mini locator built in.