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Nifer-son can sing. I hear it. Potential is there. Technology is there too like Crow said. Keep hope alive.
So as I has dug further into this it is a very small proportion of people who are actually truly completely tone deaf...the statistic I read was less than 2% to 5% according to one school that helps people who have pitch problems they can help a lot of people who were can't sing, you're one of the unlucky ones etc. when they were young..pretty sad shit they are saying if you can pass a pitch sensitivity test then there is hope if you put the work into it.
Here's a link to a pitch test there are many out there on the net ....onthis one take your time and listen to the whole song (there are 26 snippets of tunes some played in tune, some not so much but all very obvious if you can hear pitch)

here's the link to the BBC article than mentions the California school for tone deafness..


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I've tried to work to improve my singing, can you tell me if it sounds better ? What should I improve ?

(Sorry, I don't have have a big and sophisticated software, so I'm still using Vocaroo!)

By the way, it seems I’m not so tone-deaf :



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there is a voice there Nifer
At 2.00 in she sings 'put it down', and the note she holds is strong.

The next logical step is to start home recording. Get an interface and Reaper DAW software.

These folks here can set you up and answer questions to get you there.
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I got an email asking if I was interested in a new TV programme where old musos get together and form bands. Only requirement is being over a certain age, and musical. They wanted pictures, audio and video - so after this topic, I said yes. My guess is it's a typical media con - where the idea will be to get old fossils and make them play in a rap band, or make an old rocker play jazz, or a take a reggae guy and make him do rock. I guess the idea is to mess them up and make 'em lose their tempers. Even asking for more info for these things crosses you off the list. They'll be looking for a good percentage of people who can't sing or play well, or have quaint personality complaints or simply bad tempers. I wonder if I'll get through?


It's hard to tell someone bad news, but it is not cool to not tell them if not telling puts them in danger or risk. The OP is tone deaf not a little, a lot. Absolutely if she likes singing go ahead and have fun, but to avoid the risk of being laughed at, cringed at I'd encourage her to do it privately or with friends who are also tone deaf or really good, kind friends. It's not quite at fingers scratching the chalk board annoying but it is pretty far off from in tune / key.

She can practice all she wants and absolutely can improve delivery, breathing and presentation but all the practice in the world will not allow her to sing in tune...that's fucked up but that's the hard truth. It's like telling someone to raise their hand when they don't have arms.
I look at it like a person can learn pitch
And worst case, tune down half a step 😁 🤷‍♂️