Selling the family home...


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My father bought the place in 1940. Built in 1795, went through a fire and the original brick federal building survived but the timber ell and barns went up in smoke, about 1938. Over the next sixty years he rebuilt the place and raised five kids there, the youngest of which was me. One generation taught the next all the important things here. Not easy but life is like that and we'll all remember.

Your house looks a lot like a big tree.

Ain't thet the troof!

There are five of these enormous spruces along the main road, each well over a hundred feet high. We used to play under them when we were that little girl's age. The atmosphere is different under there. You can smell the spruce aroma and the temperature is cooler. It seems a little quieter. It feels like an ancient place.
Yeah, a bunch of wise acres here- you open a vein and they want to suck your blood...;)

That's gotta be tough. I am sure you or someone has already came to the realization you can't keep the place in the family, for whatever reason. Too bad, sounds like your are well connected to the earth, there.
The lower branches on one of those trees look good for climbing. How high up the tree did you get as a kid?