Russia will it happen?

Could this turn into a world war over international currency? Russia is stating that the ruble is trading 2 to 1 to the US dollar.

We are throwing billions of US currency at Ukraine in aid, keeping the dollar relevant internationally.

Russia is a strong country with bigger nukes than the USA. When they launch the rest will have.. 200 seconds..
Putin didn't start this just so he could get blown to oblivion.
Contrapuntally, the UN's sanctions are turning Russia into a drowning man, who will take anybody close down with him..It is a matter of time..


Deet de dee dum..deet dee de-de-de
Come on Ruskies..lets see some mushrooms..Pussies.

Forever remembered as nuke saber rattling wanna bee pussies. We drop the nukes. Not you.
I thought Democrats (and peace, love, and compassion) liberals were all about diplomacy and negotiation to achieve peace? All we get is arms shipments and smack talk?

On the bright side, at least we still have Russia Russia Russia as a distraction from the shit job the Democrats in control are doing here at home. And if anyone lacks the compassion to stop the war in Ukraine....I mean conduct a proxy war against Russia Russia Russia in Ukraine...and so selfish as to expect the primary focus should be on stability and security for American citizens here at home...

You're probably an insurrectionist and should shut up. Made to shut up. Solitary confinement is too good for you. And, Trump. :mad: