Russia will it happen?


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We pay a lot more duty/tax on our petrol here so they are now talking of £2.00 per liter and rising/£10.00 per gallon. That is $2.62 per liter and $13.10 per gallon.
Years ago I went to Brighton Park to see Slade II and Suzi Quatro. Leaving I picked up a couple hitch hiking. I figured I'd be safe with a guy and girl. He tells me, there's my mates, give them a ride. Now I had 3 guys and 1 girl. They tell me about a "short cut" through the forest. I turn and there's NO way out. I thought "I'm not stopping for the U turn. They plan on killing me, they'll do it while the car is in motion." They turned out to be really nice. I didn't want to accept their offer of filling my car with gas. But, they insisted. I was happy. I didn't realize it was 1.50 per liter. That's over 4 a gallon. In the US at the time it about the same price for a gallon, as you were paying for a liter.

I haven't been to Europe in a few years. But, when I did, they didn't have the gas guzzlers the US has. I was shocked to see a full size hummer in a London driveway. I don't know how the person got out. It would have taken up both sides of the road, once it pulled out.


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All due respect to the fragility of the situation.

But this made me laugh. Am I the only one not taking crazy pills? What is this?

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Did you hear -- Hillary, Joe, and Hunter are ALL banned from Russia? but not Donald Trump.
Putin's real friend is China, not Trump. Now India is falling away as well.
Nobody seems to want the democrats and the rinos anymore except maybe the European aristocrats.

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Yes, that she was receiving a lifetime achievement award then, at the same time, was banned from returning to Russia. Crazy.

Can you blame them. Its there own fault.

Trump said enough with that "Genius" comment of his...fuckn idiot. They can have him.
You forgot "I don't see why it would be" in reference to supporting the liar Putin over his own intelligence team.
Idiot... and dangerous.


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Trump said enough with that "Genius" comment of his...fuckn idiot. They can have him.
Trump is NOT a politician. He never was, and he never will be.
Yet he was treated like he had 30 year ties to the kremlin.
Why would the kremlin freakin care if Trump ran beauty pagents -- back when W. Bush was president?
People believed it only because they wanted to believe it.
It's like never mind common sense -- Carter Page a russian spy -- come on. He's a cartoon character.
Papadopoulous a russian spy... like geeez man.
Look at his wife. Orianthi's sister, maybe?
Do you think he'd give that up for a sleezy spy job?
People just have no common sense at all.



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Ukraine will get the aid... after they fire the prosecutor.... ya know... :whistle::whistle::whistle: Well sum beech!
Put somebody in there that's solid... ya know.
half of it goes to the big guy. like always. 😉
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Dave's got his own answer, but I got mine.

Lavrov was speaking for Putin here, as a liar.
Screenshot 2022-03-10 084015.jpg

They threatened or fired upon ..
basically all of NATO
Irish fishing areas

Russia is getting Syria's help with troops, why cant we send troops to Ukraine? Same thing.
Russia is getting weapons from China, why cant we send munitions to Ukraine. Same thing.
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After the vids I have seen of what Russian soldiers have done, I cant express my views enough of what I think of them.

But Russian attack aircraft flying so slow to get shot down. Only Russian tanks and vehicles blow up. Only Russian soldiers die and also Ukraine civilians.

Something very strange going on.


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The truth was too much for them. Lara, needed a 60 minute segment with that stuff. She didn't say what the war is over..She implied COVID? They need to give the people some time to verify what she is claiming.

Yeah, trust no one.