RIP GetagripRick


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Cheri stood by Rick every step of the way through this entire nightmare. She has been rock solid even when the whole situation was beating her into the ground. Rick was uncommonly fortunate to be loved with that kind of passion and single minded dedication. It's time for us to stand by her. Please, everyone who can, find some way to contact the family and let her know she's not alone.

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Very very sad. I didn't know him so well but he was always a gent when we spoke.

R.I.P Rick - Safe journey.


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Suckage to the tenth degree..

Such a creative funny dude. Glad I got to know him, and sad that he and his family had to go through the medical twilight zone they were dragged through this last year.
The bullshit humiliation and suffering is over and he's off making up stories in another place and space in time...

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Yeah, that really sucks. What a tough roller coaster of a year for both he and Cheri.

I didn't know him in the 3D world, but over the past months whenever i'd run across this song it made me think of Rick. Not sure if it's appropriate, but..

RIP, Rick.


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Sad to see him go. Didn't know him super well, but always enjoyed bantering with him on here. He was a really funny guy.


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I'm half a world away but damn, I feel this.

Rick and I always seemed to have an affinity with each other.........I recall when, after being "absent" from HR for a while, I happened to post in a thread that Rick was watching and there was this almost immediate, absolutely warm, genuine and personal response from him at seeing me back here. Speaking from my perspective, he always seemed to draw the good out of people and that is a gift that too few people possess.

Like so many others I sent a card wishing him all the best but as a later afterthought, I phoned the hospital he was in at the time and spoke to the staff at the nurses' "station" nearest to him, asking that they convey a message from me.........whether they did, I'll never know but Rick is one person who will stay with me for the rest of my life.

BTW, I'm 66yrs old so who knows how long I'll be treading the HR boards for.


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Well, just checking to see if this thing still works, and hear this news.

Prayers and condolences.


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Still thinking about you every once in a while Grip. Wish I'd made it to the Fest you gave me songs to learn for. Maybe someday.