Pro-Tools record start stop automation through MIDI


New member
Can I automate my recording process through for instance a midi note?
I would like to automatically record several clips on one track while each clip will be different because of a midi note that is changing.
So, I can't use loop recording to create playlists, because that way I would have the same midi note over and over again.

So, I would like to have several midi notes one after another on 1 track. They will trigger the note to be recorded. I would then like to record that note in each individual clip, without having to edit a long wav file with all notes in one clip. I know, I can use strip silence, but I need to repeat this process for thousands of times. So, the more I automate, the merrier.

I hope I have explained my question well. It boils down to automating punch in and out with a midi note or midi cc or something.

Thanks for the help!