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This man has given me a few hours of entertainment lately. He likes to crash pubs/bars which have a piano and set the place bopping.

Very apt because he shows you what you can do if you have talent and no studio. But you may not want to live next door to him though.:LOL:

This first one is great and related. A UK track about a well known American plane from over 40 years ago now. Enjoy.



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I always considered Robert Fripp to be a serious musician. Had no idea how out of his mind he was. 😂

But with a wife like that, who knows lol

Ed Fones

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Live it while you can. Toyah cant sing and doesnt care. She has had her face done and for a 65 year old she rocks even if she sounds terrible.
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Toyah is still doing regular gigs and releasing new albums. Cherry Red are also releasing her old albums from 40 years ago in sequence. The latest reissue is her live album - Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! which came out last month and features a couple of mixes that I did as bonus tracks (though I only ever intended them to be rough mixes just to show what was on the multitrack tapes).