Now that's what a rock band's supposed to look like

You notice the bean bag ashtray on the corner of the desk? Haha, you’d never see that today.
LOL! I hadn't noticed that ash tray. I remember a bunch of those from childhood. Everyone had them in rec rooms and basements. Do any studios still allow smoking?
We've all forgotten how smelly and disgusting studios were back then. Everything stained nicotene brown. My early sessions were often big-band and the fug in the studio from 20+ people all smoking was chokeing! One studio decided to be smoke free, and they were booking free shortly after!
Your mom said she doesn't like the new friends you're hanging around with very much. Why can't you play with some nice boys?
Such nice, clean-cut boys. There they are just leaving Sunday church services. Mom and grandma want to know why I can't look like that.
We tried to look like a rock band...that's my smilin face in the middle Circa 1977 Fo Sho the Barringer brothers to the right were rock stars...that 18 year old kid on the far left is surely one of the greatest guitarist the world never got to know but he is still alive n well

Here's Dave Macias the kid on the far left a few years later playing with some semi famous rock n roller black guitarist at the LA Colosseum @ 6 years later Chuck told him to take a lead not knowing he had unleashed a beast...


Here is Chuck going WTF? After the show Chuck tells Dave...damn they threw a ringer in on me, nice solo!

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What do I know? I always dressed nice, usually blue suede shoes, Hawaiin shirts, corduroy pants, vest or suit jacket. I don't like looking like a bum when I
present my original music, and never smoke or drink on stage, but that is just me.
And that's what makes you legendary.