Need Major recording advice


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I'm new to recording songs, but I'm a good producer. Anyway, I need to know the basics of recording a song. How many times do you record the chorus or you record once and use reverb? Also do you record the chorus each time after the verse? Last and not least do you have to use compression or just mange the gain well? I mean what parts are commpression used on anyway? I would really like to thank you if you can help me out. I think I know anything else beside how to turn a mono vocal into a stereo without re-recording. I use adobe audition 3 by the way.
Not to sound like a dick, but this section of the forum is about people's pet cats. You mind find better answers if you post your question in a section about recording.

Now the bit where I deliberately sound like a dick...

The following...

I'm a good producer.

...seems to have been somewhat contradicted by the rest of your post. :rolleyes:

That is all.

Cheers! :)