NE One form boston Are who Listened to WBCN


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how pissed are you that they got taken down. i mean i guess not enough people listened but it was the only rock station out there. it was like real music.

Now there's nothing

i'm glad toucher and rich are still on but i mean DJs like Adam 12 got screwed
I guess the beginning of the end is when Laquidera and Shelton left, but it was never so much about the DJs as it was about the music. I am still in shock. In its heyday it was a great station because you could truly hear anything. Many memories of hearing new music on Sunday nights after practice on the drive home.

I actually listened today to 104.1 for about 30 minutes of "the greatest mix of today's hits!". Geez what a load of Autotune and otherwise crap. I mean a little is alright for a while but we've got a century of recorded music, and there's gotta be something better than what they play now. Anyways it is a sad end to what once was a great station.