Name that tune

Damn it. I am struggling with this one. And I assume the hint is that it is in fact a Led Zeppelin song. Which, if true, should be a dead giveaway. Yet here I am.... puzzled. :facepalm:
Definitely a Led Zeppelin song. Not some obscure track, either.

I think if you begin with song titles and compare them to the pic it might jump out at you.
Kenneth Welsh as Doctor Watson.

Blind scales of justice lady.

Rope, line, pull, ship

Self portrait, Vincent Van Gogh

Please don't give us anything else. I want to work this a little longer.
I used Google Image Search on the last two pics, which pretty much nailed the last part of the song title.
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Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water - - W.C. Fields
I've heard of beer goggles, but never Google Lenses. And I drive a Taurus, and I looked all over than thing and didn't see a clue.

I hate to say it but I'm
Alright, godammit, I finally cracked this one. But I didn't do it on my own. I used Google Lens to get there. Good grief... this one was difficult, IMO. But I am a simpleton.
I don't suppose we're going to get any more guesses on this one. So, PM, why don't you go ahead and post your solution.