My ears have gone 😒

Smithers XKR

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I have tinnitus, it is not a major issue but it has been with me for a long time, just the ringing. It probably comes from loud concerts and loud gigs and playing too close the drummer in small practice rooms as a kid. I had an ear test some years ago and the frequency response dropped off above 2.5k

It is what it is.... I have listened to this with a set of AKG Studio K240 closed cans. They are nice flat response and I like them a lot. I can pick it up across the range ok. I hear it quite well

Perhaps I am worrying about my hearing too much?



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I hear what you're saying :>) 70++ here.. Music [bands] plus lots of pistol shooting (most but not all of it protected). Self test here, can pretty reliably say pretty much down above about 7k or so. Hell of it is.. I can still hear the top end shit they jacked up on a lot of the cable tv now. Go figure.
Yes on those AKG 240s :listeningmusic:


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rolls off after 2.5k?, at what point can you no longer hear any higher?

I've mixed simple arrangmeents, piano... solo guitar stuff which sounds very full and there is really nothing going on whatsoever above 8k

It's 500-4k that's important (the core), below 500 is supplementary stuff, above 4k i'm pulling tons out if recording using mics


Tinnitus here, too - that damn cymbal in my left ear for too many years of stage work, plus loud concerts, plus going to car races. Funny thing, though, is a higher range has opened back up for me - all of a sudden (usually when driving) I can hear the 'air' of sounds like cymbals, etc. If you're concerned that the high end in your mixes is not good, use whatever you can, such as a spectrum analyzer plug-in, friends with better ears, etc.


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Interesting - wearing headphones is a bad idea if you are losing your hearing - but if you watch the volume and limit your listening time it's not too bad.
BTW Are you saying your hearing rolls off after 2.5Khz?


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Yup, headphones are definitely hard on the ol' ear drums so when I use them I keep the volume pretty low. I have tinnitus as well and even though it's irritating at times it doesn't seem to affect my hearing much. I had a hearing test at the ENT and they said my hearing is very good and I have a dip somewhere in the high end but I don't recall the frequencies. The interesting thing is that my hearing is WAY better than my wife and she has never abused her ears like I have so genetics must be the culprit for some peoples hearing loss.


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I damaged my left ear drum about 40 years ago while fiddling with some recording stuff with headphones rang for a long time and was never the same. Always been less volume than my right since that incident. I have continuous ringing which I am usually able to tune out / ignore. 100's of concerts both attending and playing. I was a tile contractor for 20 years using demo hammers, grinders and 1000's of hours of cutting tile with the tile saw. That I can hear at all is pretty cool. It's the highs I miss most.


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My basic hearing rolls off around 8K, but the ringing seems to be more a result of sinus issues, as it comes and goes. Some nights I lay down and it's bad. Other days, my head is clear, my ears are clear and I can only hear a hint of ringing in one ear. If things are bad, I can often take a hot shower and things will go away.

High blood pressure can cause ringing in the ears, as can some meds.

Markman, I have a friend and she never was a big concert goer, didn't play music, and is younger than me. She had to get hearing aids several years ago. My aunt never worked in a factory, she was a homemaker for much of her life, and was an bookkeeper working in a quiet office later in life. She had hearing aids for years.

Genetics and other environmental facts pay a part to some degree. Just like smoking raises the risk of getting lung cancer, not smoking doesn't guarantee you won't get it.