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The thing is only a tiny fraction are even being active "known" cases is what it is.

ex. Texas population is 28.7 million, but they can only test 200 kits per day last I heard. Most people asking to be tested around here are being turned down.

I was just told we are going skeleton crew, but with pay, until further notice. Im not really ready to cash any savings especially with the market crashing!
The thing is only a tiny fraction are even being active "known" cases is what it is.

Not so in China so that statistic is pretty accurate and hopefully we can stay with that as our worse case scenario...We are a different type of society than China and Italy a lot less closely together a lot less public transportation and superior health care if we can just follow the guidelines as they have been laid out we should come in with better stats than China and God forbid Italy...damn they are messed up..

With regard to testing think about the percentages I end of this week there should be 10's of thousands of these test kits available and based on the stats of China with 4 times as many people as the U.S. to date they only have had 89,000 cases and barely any new cases...I think we're going to be just fine on the test shortly being as 21,000 cases total is hopefully an unlikely high amount for the U.S. ..I am certainly hopeful we can do better than China on this one which would mean less than 21K actually getting the virus...fingers crossed
Most people asking to be tested around here are being turned down.

See...that's what I don't get. Why are people so preoccupied about getting tested...???

If you have the virus upon being tested...and show no extreme symptoms...they will tell you to go home and self-quarantine for 2 weeks.
If you don't have the virus upon being tested...they will still tell you to go home for the next couple of weeks and avoid going out so you don't get the virus and then pass it on.

The test is pointless in this "shutdown/lockdown" situation we are now heading into. They don't want people going out no matter if you have the virus or not.
Everyone is making a big deal about the lack of testing...but if everyone is basically being told to self-quarantine...why do you need to be tested? I mean, if you develop strong symptoms, you will know that you are you don't need a test to know you are feeling sick.

About the only value of the test is IF you are showing obvious symptoms, the test can tell you if it is COVID-19...or maybe just the common flu...but in either case, you're still going to be sick for a week or two, and then you will get better, in most cases.
I just traveled from Schengen area to US. I had already had my hand wipes because, well, it is flu season. SO for me, this time of year, I did what I do normally. However, a bit more often.

Luckily the airports were about 1/2 of normal. Other than half full planes, everything seemed normal. Hopefully warm weather does make this panic go away.

Yuengling, Blue Moon or Vodka and Ginger Ale, that is my self quarantine survival kit.
I'm not a regular drinker...basically a fee beers per month...but when I was younger, I was partial to Hennessey cognac, though even then, not a big drinker.

This past Xmas, for some gifts, I decided to get a few bottles of cognac to hand out to some people, and when I was in the liquor store, they had a new to me cognac, Pierre Patou in these nice pint bottles, so I bought a bunch, and decided to keep one for myself to try.
Well I fell in love with it. It has this fantastic taste that as much as I like Hennessy, this Patou cognac is just unbelievably tasty.

Anyway, yesterday I figure I might as well get a full size bottle of it, who knows, I might be stuck inside for a few weeks...and I go into the liquor store, and people were all stocking up on booze. They all figured they might as well be buzzed while at home, since they can't go to local bars...but I mean, these people were buying booze like I buy bottled water! :D

If you ever want to taste some delicious cognac...try the Pierre Patou...I think it's way tastier than Hennessy, Courvoisier, Remy and probably a couple of others I've had back in the day...and it wasn't any more pricier than the others.
My son always likes the Hennessy... my current fav is the Guiness still (prefer stout) and then a Baileys/Jameson on the rocks. great combo.
I cant drink like I used to so its 3 setups max usually. Very full like eating a dinner.

From the job day yesterday Texas Instruments are slowing allowing and supporting contractors being let go. Dallas County officials declared a disaster per the virus. My job is closing more events and gatherings closed, people encouraged not to "spread" the virus.

The restaurants are all closed for dining and take out only, the bar closed and all the workers put on furlough where I often went. They waitress's and bartenders will get hit very hard with no incomes , no tips, no paid time off...unemployment lines will grow. One estimate is maybe 5 million on the high side?
add: Texas Unemployment takes 4 weeks to qualify, then maybe a week or so to get first check. Max $465 a week (pre-tax).

The main question unknown is this to be weeks or months?
Like the Italians are saying they all thought it was a joke too at first.

Personally, Im off for a couple weeks and will be cleaning up my pc, organizing studio stuff and maybe doing my yearly backup (I skipped in December).


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Zoom in/drag over to Russia. Very odd.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

I was noting that a few days ago and mentioned it to a friend, how Russia/Ukraine show hardly anything compared to Asia, Europe and the USA.
Even most of South America and Africa are not showing much...but of course, much of those two continents is just jungles, deserts and mountains.
So is a lot of Russia for that matter...not to mention some of the far northern countries...Sweden, Norway, etc...but they all have big cities, which have big transportation hubs, and lots of people coming in/out...yet even the major cities show nothing.

Yes...very odd.
Of course...the USA and much of Europe...has many travel connections with China...lots of people coming/going...where Russia, the northern countries and southern continents, not so much.

That looks like pretty much every country has some I think it's a matter of where the most traveled lines are between China and the rest of the world.

All in all though, and not to make it any less of a concern for the elderly and high risk groups, the total death count VS total just not that dramatic, and while I understand that just having a lot of sick people puts a big strain on healthcare providers...I still don't quite understand the extreme fear and panic that has been created by this virus.
The reaction to the virus news, is like 10X worse for everyone than the action of the virus.

TBH...I wonder and worry how to world would react if it was something more sinister, with a much higher and more rapid death rate...?
I think people would be heading for the hills and into chaos...though we are not too far from that right now. :facepalm:
Another thing about the numbers from Russia, is how do we know that we can trust their reporting?

And I disagree about the reaction. If this had been taken more seriously from the beginning, we might not be in the boat we're in now.

Numbers-wise, you know it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The numbers are skyrocketing because we're just now getting the results of a lot of previously done tests.

I really think that eventually most of the country, and perhaps the world, will have gotten it. We just want to slow the roll long enough that by the time that happens we will have an effective treatment.

One thing's for sure, this has exposed a lot of the weaknesses in our system. What if this HAD been a truly aggressive, deadly pandemic?
And I disagree about the reaction?'s one thing to get prepared and take some common sense precautions...but I don't see the need for fear and panic...not for a flu-like virus.
So if it was something really deadly and fast...imagine the fear and panic then.

I also don't think that short of the entire world locking down all travel and movement of people...there's not much that we or anyone else could have done to stop the spread, because as you can see from that map...even the most remote regions of the world, where travel to/from is normally quite low...even there the virus is showing up.

IMO...this virus was around for months before anyone put a name on was just passed off as nothing more than common flu if the symptoms were that's why it's hard to prepare for this kind of thing.
The reason we don't fear a flu-like virus as much is because we are used to having vaccines for the flu, which greatly reduces the numbers infected and affected. Tens of thousands die every year from the 'ordinary' flu, yet many morons still won't get vaccinated. One of the main reasons that Italy is in dire straights is because they didn't take it seriously enough to begin with.

Fear, yes. Panic, no. And preparation. If everyone kept two weeks worth of supplies for emergencies as is recommended anyway, we wouldn't have nearly the panic buying and shortages we do. I realize that not everyone can do this, but if those that can would, every little bit helps.
Yeah its strange, young twitter people and celebs claiming 7 days of flu, no big deal...while the Doctors and other Math based reports state up to 2.2 million dead in US and 500k in the UK...and elderly and at-risk people making the majority.

Texas signed a new Exec Order last night , basically states that " 10 people limit, no bars, restaurant and massage parlors etc...
For now, free to roam and do drive thru, parks, and use of common sense in isolation and cleanliness....some business's open many seem to be shortening the hours or closed around here. ….Governor said this is a 100yr since the last time. This Order until April 3.

Another debate here is Paid Leave for the working poor.
If this is Mandatory, the Politicians in each State will have to come up with something to decide about the masses of people being sent home without pay. The Income loss and Financial "flu" will be interesting and hopefully not devastating. In Texas some (Republicans) are fighting against the Paid Leave, while others are trying to get it for the Virus-19 out of work humans. Its weird times....Mandated time off by State and Feds, not really business induced...who pays?

Will Guitar Center have a Coronavirus Sale? Will they drop prices to try to save their already sinking ship?


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Fear, yes. Panic, no.

The problem is...the two are very often inseparable for most people.

Frankly...I don't really understand the "fear" unless you are someone with a compromised immune system, or the elderly with preexisting health issues.
As the numbers indicate...the greater majority infected recover from it same as the common why the need for fear...?
I would say the use of common sense and some extra caution...but if more people took that approach as a regular part of life, then even the common flu would cause less sickness and death. If you want to get vaccinated, that's your choice...but I find that tends to bread a lack of common sense and caution, people assume that "I got vaccinated, I won't get sick"...and then every year we have thousands who to anyway, and it turns out the vaccine wasn't *exactly* the right mix for whatever flu virus us around.

I am amazed at how many people have NO concept of "social hygiene"...being aware that when in public, you take some caution in what you touch and how you keep yourself clean. Being more proactive along those lines would avoid the spread more than the vaccines do, IMO.
People show up for work sick as a dog...coughing and sneezing...and you tell them to go home, and they ignore you...they figure, I'm already sick so it's not my problem...but if they learned to self-quarantine, or at the least avoid touching and spreading, and maybe wearing a mask when they are sick (not when they are healthy)...then the spread would be minimized in a natural way.

Well...I'm not in fear of this, and if I get sick, I'll get over it most likely...but what I am in fear of is the near-martial law mentality that is quickly creeping in...and it scares me to think that so many people are championing that because they think it will make them safer...but the fallout will be that we gave up yet more freedom in the process, because precedents will be set.
Next year when someone says there is a new virus this season...countries will immediately issue lockdown rules, and little by little, they will be able to control world populations by these methods. We depend too much on our governments to safe us and protect us...and we give up too much in return for that.
Not trying to make this a political discussion...but this is how things change in a big way...because when people buy into fear and panic, they are very easy to manipulate.
Will Guitar Center have a Coronavirus Sale? Will they drop prices to try to save their already sinking ship?

Yes, there are a lot of projections about the numbers of infected and dead will come out of this...but so far, the actual numbers are not supporting this extremes.
The thing here...if you compare the number of deaths each year for the elderly and already sick from other see how much greater they are than what these COVID-19 numbers are.

Also...if someone has a serious respiratory condition, and they are clinging to life already, with probably not much longer to go...and they get COVID-19, and then die...what really killed them, the virus or their preexisting condition which was already killing them...?
Someone made a bit of joke WRT that...and they said if someone jumps out of the window because the have you could it as a virus death or a suicide? They somewhat "dark" point they were making is that there may be a lot of numbers getting associated with a virus caused death...but in reality, it was the preexisting conditions that lead to it. Now, if COVID-19 had a high death rate even with the younger and healthy population...then that would be something totally different, and you could attribute the deaths specifically to the virus.

AFA the Guitar Center thing...:D...well, TBH, I'm expecting that there will be a lot of lower prices and fire sales caused by the economic downturn, that is bei9ng driven directly by the fear and panic of COVID-19.
So yeah...I'm expecting some deals will be had...and I don't see that as a negative for the people who can take advantage. I see it as helping to turn the economy around...but at this point, we may not see that for at least a couple of months or more...whenever the governments decide to allow us back on the streets...but of course, there is always online shopping, and it might see a new boom because of these lockdowns.
Well it happened today, because the entitled generation could not self isolate to some degree and still gathered in large groups, for example Bondi beach, the government have closed everything, cafes, gyms, hotels, etc. the boulders to my state Western Australia, are closed, which is not hard in our case.

So I now not only have no musician or sound engineer income, but I actually have nothing to do as well.
Our brilliant governor of NY State has put us all in shutdown effective 8PM Sunday...and now he's saying we might be shut down for 9 months or more...???

There will be riots in the streets in less than a month...people will simply not stay lockdown for that long.
In NY, we have a little over 15k cases with 75 we are roughly looking at a 0.5% death rate...which is less than hundreds of other illnesses/year.
There will be a lot of questions at some point, asking about the reactions and response, and what was the net value of it all.
If society stops functioning in any normal way, holed up and endlessly waiting for the "all clear" sirens to go off...that's not much different than being dead.

They want to keep vital services going, the food coming, the infrastructure functioning...but they want everyone to stay home for 9 months...???
Yeah, OK...we'll see how well that works out. :rolleyes:

Do we want Big Brother to protect us?
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Isolationism isn't good for a species historically.

Even the Black Plague and the 1918 Influenza epidemics would not have been as deadly with modern sanitation, sewer and clean water. Not even adding antibiotic technology.

I think we're far into the institutional "fear of getting sued" mode at this point. As well as the typical politico butt covering.
In NY, we have a little over 15k cases with 75 we are roughly looking at a .005% death rate...which is less than hundreds of other illnesses/year.
You seem to be missing the point that the growth is exponential, and NO ONE has immunity to it. It is a “novel” coronavirus. No ones been exposed to it before and therefore there is no inherent immunity. 15,000 cases begets 45,000 cases, begets 135,000 cases, begets 405,000 cases. Well, you get the point.

Yes, we can let it run rampant, and eventually herd immunity will develop. That happens once 60% to 80% of the population has already gotten the disease.

If that happens over a 30 or 60 day period, they’ll be stacking up the bodies. The death rate is somewhat low now because those people seriously infected are being treated. You simply can’t treat millions of people at once.

But yeah, let’s do nothing. It’s only grandma. :rolleyes:
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