Music I like, what do you like??

Here’s a song for all you old farts. Now I ain’t old, but ain’t young either. Got a ways to go, but it’s coming. Coming for us all :D

Nice guitar, nice tone, a bit of a departure from the slide. All these years later only recently discovered a tribute to Smokey Robinson. I guess You Really Got A Hold On Me should have been a clue. A tad adult contemporary easy listening. No facial hair on the album, used to use to clean seeds from old Mexican weed back in the day, as a kid as it were.

Thanks. Years ago I went down a big AB/Betts listening rabbit hole. Jack Pearson got on my radar at some point. When I was much younger (teens early 20's) I didn't get it. I sure do now though.

Killer musicians who can improvise beautifully speak to me. And not just guitar players.