Member Bobbsy - some very sad news

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I heard from Simon, Bob Howes son that sadly he died yesterday. He went into hospital for a replacement knee in Australia where he lived, and was recovering nicely, when complications arose and he passed away unexpectedly. I've known Bob for a long time on another forum where we are both moderators and have often chatted from the UK with him and his wife Caer. My condolences go to his family. Always a fountain of knowledge and I'll miss his contributions.

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RIP Bobbsy. I liked you - you talked sense and you were a civilising influence in this place that is often a bit of a craphole.



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Bummer man....Just binge watched the first season of the dramatized inside look at the hospital industry and the decisions, problems and mistakes that due to the legal liability and reputation of both the hospital and doctors very often get covered up or "sugar coated" Oh yeah and the greed and God syndromes that co-exist are fostered within.

Two sayings...the first from an actual doctor I met on a flight asking advice on picking the right doctors / hospitals... "Don't get sick" the last place you want to end up is in a hospital. Don't take elective surgeries lightly as shit can go wrong and get real in a heartbeat or the lack thereof in an instance....

The other is..When they say Doctors are practicing medicine, they mean it....

What a tragedy to go in for a damn knee replacement and dying from it... how the hell does that happen? Dang!

God speed were one of the good ones here!


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Vale Bobbsy. As a newly minted Queenslander, retired and living in a town I have links to, I had many a nice chat with him. He was indeed a top bloke.

Will be missed.:drunk:


Sucky news. My sister-in-law (same age as me) just had knee replacement surgery in Canada, and has been back to the emergency room twice because of it. I'll just hobble around on my old knees, thanks.


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Oh wow...I just saw this.
Damn that go like that without any expectation following what's considered a pretty basic procedure these days.
I assume it was either infection or clots post-surgery.
Nothing is guaranteed when you go in.

I liked Bobbsy and most of his posts...we were kindred spirits when it came to old-school audio and recording perspectives.

Funny...he didn't post regularly, and would sometimes stay away for I never wondered where he's been lately.
Damn...Bobbsy was a good gone to the studio in the sky. :(

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Sad news
We spoke a couple of times on here, Really nice guy who will be missed!.
R.I.P. Bobbsy.


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I liked his contributions here. Never knew or interacted personally, but liked him.
We'll greive his loss on this thread, but it will fade away.
The true tradegy is for his family. They'll miss him always.


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Really sorry to her this.

Leg operations of any kind can have complications people just don't realise. About 8 or so years ago I had a simple Arthroscopy to clean out some loose cartilage. All went well and I was recovering at home until 5 days later when I woke up unable to take a breath and in 10 out of 10 pain and was rushed to emergency where I think I actually died for a few seconds, white light and all, the knee sugary caused a Pulmonary Embolism, blood clot in the lungs, I had 4 of them on the side of one lung. Took me over 6 months to get over it. I suspect that something like this could have happened to Bobbsy, any clots can end up in the lugs, the brain or the heart.

When a doctor says there is a chance something can go wrong, it's very true. Again sorry to hear about Bobbsy.