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I wonder what model Ovation she's playing. I've never seen one with the slots, only with the circular holes in the top.

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On my end it says, This live event is no longer available.

Other than that, I used to(still do) have this small-ish guitar I would pick up when I was feeling lazy and wanted to kick back on the bed or couch and play. Good call. I think from now on i'm going to refer to it as my laytar. :thumbs up:


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I don't play stringed instruments ...I mean I can make some noise and dink out a melody but I never put the time in to learn how to play chords and all the nuance guitarist buddy who is a beast of a player and I've had the pleasure of working with musically for 40 years is the knuckle head to watch her videos...she is kind of funny , hip, slick and cool indeed.



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She and her boyfriend coming together...eeewww! that sounded dirty...but in actuality it's not dirty at all.... quiet clean in fact.



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Well thanks for the clarification and welcome to You are a beast of bass player and I love your videos Especially the Challenge ones..SLAP! .Rock on brother
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The first video is interesting. I like it. She's talented and has something to say musically with that. The production is a little weird - and the right hand klackity-klack against the lower bout is a little distracting. I listened on my phone for what it's worth.

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Sorry to make an intrusion like this but the title was only intended for humour, we aren’t actually in a relationship, Laytar and I are internet friends, in fact we never met in person ^^
Laytar is a great musician and wonderful to work with,

sent you a pm ( i think )