On the back of a box of Ritz crackers they have all these suggestions of what you can put on a Ritz. Hey man,....maybe I just want a Ritz
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Old one and hope not said in here but:

Three women are shipwrecked in a deserted island, blonde , brunette and redhead. They find a strange lamp, on the beach, brunette picks it up and rubs the sand off.
POOF! A magical genie appears and says “I will grant each of you one wish.”
Turns to the brunette holding the lamp and asks, “your wish is my command.”

Brunette says: I wish I was the wife to the richest man in the world and there in my mansion.

Genie claps his hands and says “Let it be so” and she is sitting in a chaise lounge sipping fine champagne in Hollywood Hills
He then turns to the redhead, saying “Your wish is my command.”

Redhead says: I’ve always wanted to be a movie star.
Genie claps his hands and says “Let it be so”
and she is on the set of a movie and ready to say her lines.

Genie turns to the blonde and says and says “Your wish is my command.”

Blonde says, I’m kind of lonely here without my two friends and wish they were back here with me.
Not a joke but smoking just a bit of Pineapple Express and watching South Park vintage on Pluto.nIf familiar this is the one on sex ed and in the beginning the dig and what the 6th graders showed them…red rocket, red rocket! 😂🤣🤣🤣😂