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perpetuating conspiracy theories
I gotta question IBB.
I remember the day JFK , a democrat, was assassinated, and my mom came to pick me up at grade school.
I was a nice democrat boy from a democrat family with two democrat governors and a democrat US Senator.
Democrat through and through for 3 generations of extended family going back to the early 1900s.

Now, we were all told that the details of the JFK assassination would be handed out in our life time, and I'm getting old.
It still has NOT been declassified.
Tell me IBB, what the hell are they waiting for?
Personally, after waiting more than 50 years, I am beginning to think the intel agencies were in on it.
I think they were in on a lot of bad things, including the inexcusable war with Iraq under George W Bush, a republican.
all republican bad. All REPUBLICAN misdeeds.
Now tell wtf happened to JFK, a democrat democrat democrat democrat........
It bothers me none at all.

If a violence-threatening lying fascist like yourself thought we were friends, I would feel as though I had faked something.

BTW my kids are thriving in every conceivable way. Their teachers and coaches are constantly complimenting us on how well-adjusted and decent they are. Perhaps it's in part because - unlike you - I would never initiate physical violence in front of them (or ever really).

Or maybe it's because I - unlike you - teach my children to accept all kinds of other kids and their parents even if they are *GASP* gay or transgender.

My son defended a black girl when a boy was calling her the N word. As MVP of his soccer team, he welcomed a less talented player into the group, literally putting his hand on the kid's shoulder and bringing him into being involved when he was otherwise too shy and standing off the to side. He is a good dude and I am proud of him and my daughter.

Not that any of that is your business. Certainly it is low-class of you to bring my children into the discussion. Simultaneously, it is unsurprising to me because it merely continues your pattern of following Trump's pathetically low level of discourse. Lying, threats of violence, conspiracy theories, and now impugning family.

Perhaps next you will say my wife is ugly like your hero Trump did to Carly Fiorina?
What the fuck is wrong with you? I don't follow Trump. I only voted for him because the other option was the disaster we have now. It's not a friggen cult like you seem to think it is. I don't get why your hate is blinding your ability to have a conversation. I could give a fuck less what sexual preference either of my daughters have when they are old enough to make their own choices. I definitely don't care who is attracted to whom. I am 'uncle Jimmy' to a client that is married to another woman. They are great friends and I have no care what their race is either.

And, this threatening bullshit you can't seem to let go of, was a hypothetical situation related to 'if' someone (you used in indirect context) came up to my 9 year old and talked about sex, that I would likely lash out in a physical way. Not sure how you take that as a personal threat to yourself, unless you somehow feel you have the right to talk about adult things to other peoples young children. I do not think you are a bad parent, other than the fact that you can't seem to find a way to communicate without judgment.

Man, I have posted many times that I worry for your kids because you are showing them that it is ok to judge others because of your personal and judgemental views towards others that don't think exactly as you do. You just said above that you 'teach your children to accept all kinds of other kids', while you repeatedly cast judgment upon me and mine. How the fuck do you rationalize that Mr great parent? You are full of yourself and a troll if you can't understand how you come off.

Just the rationalization and mention of a 'black girl' to support your supposed lack of racism, actually sounds like misdirection to me. Maybe that makes you feel better by bringing up race of the kid, to show you are not a racist? If you truly don't see color, then why bring it up?

You seem to me a judgmental and fake tool that uses blame to make yourself feel good about yourself. No names you call me, or false blaming is going to change the fact that I will always defend your freedom, your children, and the rights of any person no matter what color or beliefs. Close minded hypocrites like you are the biggest problem with our society. If you can't see that, then you are just a waste of anyone's time.


And yes, I still wish you and your children the best in life. I don't expect to change you mind, but come on... You can't possibly be this hard headed and incapable of having a conversation can you? Grow the fuck up man.
It seems the average transgender is depressed most of the time.
If I chopped off my own peepee, I think I would be suicidal too.
Like maybe my life belongs less in this world than my own penis.
Maybe my own life should be cut off too.

I don't understand why people want to celebrate this.
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If I chopped off my own peepee, I think I would be suicidal too.
Don’t you think, maybe, just maybe, a desire to cut off your dick might be an early warning sign of a serious mental disorder??

In an earlier, not so ‘enlightened time’, mentioning this desire to someone would be met with........ “Dude! Are you sick in the head??”
Ahhh, but nowadays that would be called bullying.
Now we accept this, and offer radical and ‘very financially lucrative’ corrective treatments and surgeries to combat what is a mental illness.

Makes you wonder what’s really wrong here
Is hell actually heaven for a masochist?
nah, its not polarized like that. Hell would then, have no pain for the masochistic.

CERN turns on in 3 days. Punching holes in reality. Mandela effecting the weak. This current one sucks anyways. Lets do the time warp again...its just a jump to left.

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nah, it not polarized like that. Hell would then have no pain for the masochistic.

CERN turns on in 3 days. Punching holes in reality. Mandela effecting the weak. This one sucks anyways. Lets do the time warp again...its just a jump to left.

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Thought it was supposed to be tomorrow.

Whenever it is, it’s NOT very ‘green’. That’s going to consume LOTS of electricity!!
Whenever it is, it’s NOT very ‘green’.
Cern'd? Anybody feel any different...I think we are ok..

So lets say they nab the guns..Then what are we going to do with all the mentally ill still at large? What will they get into next? or you think its gonna stop when they ban AR's?