Is This Real?


There's a site about "People of Walmart". But, seriously. Do you think is a real photo? I've seen things in my 60 years that have made my mouth drop, including homeless women dropping their draws and peeing right in front of Madison Square Garden. A woman that looked like this in full spandex. But, THIS?

I pray this is photo shopped. It doesn't look it. But, how do you leave your house like that?



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Yes...I would accept that as real.
I have seen similar out in public, especially in the summer time, when people generally dress down...and in cities/towns where you have a lot of people living on the "fringes".
There are a lot of freaks out there, and probably some who don't just have poor taste in clothing choices, but probably also have some kind of mental disorder going on.


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I'd say that it's entirely possible. I live in a warm state and have experienced several such sightings at Walmart. Though it's hard to say if they prompted the photos or the photo site prompted the behavior. Either way, it's best not to have sharp objects at hand to keep from blinding yourself.


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Since the advent of the camera phone and the ease of uploading, some of the things we see online are entirely believable. They're not any different to what one used to see back in the day. Just that back then, people didn't routinely carry their cameras about with them and even when they did, they only had rolls of film with 12, 24 or 36 shots so they wouldn't waste shots on pictures that virtually no one was ever going to see.
I wouldn't be surprised if we could all say something like "you will not believe some of the things I've seen !" Just thinking about some of the things I've seen has already put me off my dinner. :eek:


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Some people are just nucking futs!

Just yesterday I saw a female about 30, not ugly, not obese, but with that body that comes after a kid or two. Yet she was dressed like she was in her 18 year old prime. Tank top, tiny denim shorts, cowboy boots. Trashy but hip. :)

But the closer she got to the store entrance the farther her Jean shorts kept falling down exposing more and more butt crack. She didn’t seem to notice nor care.

She had more ass showing than these hippity hop dudes...(as least they wear boxers)

I felt like yelling out “Hey, your pants are falling off”!
No pic lol:)

I don’t know what some people are thinking. How can one not have even a slight consideration of how they present themselves to the world....... especially in this age of cell cameras and instant upload capability:)


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Y'know, you REALLY didn't have to post that pic. Its not something that I can "unsee"!!!!

I'll blame you if I develop issues in the future.