I'm sorta missing someones family christmas song.


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I was hoping to do one this year but wanted to do a m/f duet and didn’t get working in that soon enough. I’ve done a few in the past.


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Great stuff...

For a chick flick this film has some very funny moments is it. The scene when Colin goes to the US to get a girl is priceless, I first watched this film in the Cinema (here in Australia) and when he said he was going to Milwaukee I bust out laughing, I was the only one that got the joke, Milwaukee in the winter.

Sorry I have taken the thread off track.




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Well, only because I've not done one, I'll post (or possibly repost) the few I have from years past. The first one has my son playing some "fiddle" and a friend so ancient we might as well be family, and he's also on the 2nd tune. After that it's whoever I could drag over...

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