How has Covid affected you at a personal level?

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Please leave your political views to yourself. My intent is simply to have a thread where people can share stories about the impact that Covid has had at the individual or family level.
I have three daughters, two of whom I have only seen once since early 2020. I have met with the third of my daughters twice, but at a distance.
Thoughts and desires of spending time together at Thanksgiving and Christmas are at a standstill.
I don't like it, but I accept it as being current reality.
Within the six degrees of separation (outside of my family) I have friends who have lost family to Covid.

The floor is yours.


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My sister's husband lost both his brothers.

Besides the mess of the economy and having to sometimes wear a mask, it hasn't affected me at all. Though there is a show I would like to go to. But, I wouldn't be allowed entry. To be honest, standing in a crowd of young people with no manners or ability to watch a show without talking or having their phones up to take photos, isn't that appealing at this time.


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It is a disease which can be very harmful and more than what is normally around. It can be spread by close contact with infected people and items they have touched.

It has made me be more aware and keep away from crowds and groups of people. So I would say it has made me even more anti-social possibly. But I still see anybody I want to.

It has made businesses clean up their act regards hygiene of people which was much needed. Supermarket trolleys and baskets etc.

I think it has made society more aware and adapt some of the habits as my parents age group did and those before when catching diseases off other people was more dangerous to them.

A lot of positives, but unfortunately for those more at risk a lot of negatives. But that as they say is life.


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Yeah , there's nothing...

In my COVID iso-freetime, I have been planning a come back reunion for the band..You know, get the band back together..

We could call ourselves, Space the Vinyl Frontier.

Totally normal, mentally healthy shit.
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I have been away from home for the past 17 years from November to mid January. Due to covid I had last Christmas at home last year and hated it. It’s was nice to be with the family but due to covid it really was just a couple of days and it wasnt normal, so while nice to be with them, it wasnt normal, so I’m happy to be away again this year. I live my family but I don’t need Christmas for that. Covid impacted on my musical world. Nobody in the studio, just remote stuff which was no fun at all, and my band, which I loved, has packed in due to one of us becoming really ill with a related but not covid issue, and he’s lucky to be alive, but he can’t sing, travel, or even play really, so we decided to call it a day after twenty odd years for me. That is the negative. Money wise, I expanded other things I did and that kept me going, this years work will be strangled by covid precautions so wont be fun either, and having fun with my work has been my rule since 2004 when I decided lots of money and stress was bad, and I could afford to be a bit poorer but happy. Covid took my mum, but she was elderly so I don’t blame it really. What I hate is the panic, bad behaviour and craziness it’s caused in people who managed badly.

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A few consequences of Covid:

1 We had to shut theatre for a year, and defer our 2020 productions to 2021.
2 My musical colleagues and I figured out how to work effectively remotely. There was a lack of immediate and personal interaction, but it allowed the independent development of ideas.
3 Though the precautionary requirements curbed mobility, we were spared the more dire consequences of Covid itself.
4 Through having to help my wife practice her newly acquired bowling arm while the bowling greens were closed, I discovered a liking for that sport and have now taken it up.
5 Recording work took a dive as clients could not come dues to lockdown restrictions.
6 It was very quiet during the lockdown period. Being introverted, that was more a blessing than a hardship.

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Because I had to work through it, I made a boat load of money. But I've lost family members to it. My ex mother in law died about a week ago from it


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I just didn't see it coming.... the direct and indirect ways that it would affect me personally. I never took it lightly. Or irrationally. I just didn't think it would have a huge impact on my inner circle. But it did.

It took both my wife's mom and her uncle (unrelated cases).

I'm a private air conditioning contractor and have grown my small business steadily for 15 years. *Massive* shortages in new equipment has cost me considerably. I'll be ok - but it has hurt me and my team big time.

And finally - It hasn't helped my mental health to witness a huge swath of my countrymen and women handle this so poorly.... I'll just leave that there at the OP's request.


Don't want to break the fundamental rule of this post...but it is a political problem as well as medical. I'll leave off my thoughts and try to timeline this thing.
I went to the hospital emergency room when I had COVID. I was given a prescription for a specific steroid, told to amp up my vitamin C, D, and Iron intake, and sent home.
My wife went in two days later. Her SATS were 96, but she showed signs of dehydration. They were going to hang an IV bag and let her go. But she had a different doctor, and they followed CDC protocols for covid to the letter and she died in four days. Sorry if you think that's political, but it's fact.
It was an extremely frustrating time for me as I still was under quarantine and they would not let me even come into the hospital, let alone see her. When I dropped her off they literally told me, "Go wait in the car." I understood, but they could have used some more pleasant words and please and thank you shouldn't have been out of the question. Problem was, I still had her phone. I waited in the car for an hour and a half, then went in against their will (it was obvious they did not want me there), and asked if they could at least give her her phone so I could contact her. Then asked how long she would be and they let me know they didn't know, but they'd get her phone to her. So I let them know I was going to go home and they could call me when she was being discharged.
I got home and tried to call her (about the two hour mark) and there was no answer. So I tried about 10 times and still no answer. Left voice mails. I made some other calls to friends and pastor to let them know what was up. Made some social media posts to ask for prayer and called back about 3 1/2 hours in and got her room nurse (Still in ER). They had placed her on a mask that they would not let her take off even for a minute to talk to me. ? I tried talking to her nurse on several occasions to pass messages. Don't know if she ever got them. I tried talking to her doctors and they were close mouthed. Day three in the early morning I get a call from fourth or fifth doctor on her case who is asking me if somewhere down the lines it came to it would I be opposed to having her intubated (still in the ER). Then over the course of two hours I got FIVE phone calls telling me how things were declining and ending in her being intubated. I still never got to say or hear a word from or to that point I was positive she'd already been intubated during the night and they were just covering their tracks. She died the next evening.

But it's natural. EVERY major outbreak has had deaths. I hate that my wife was one of them, but I can't change that. "What if?" can't play a part here. Still not vaccinated and will likely lose my job in January. . . and at this point I will have to stop because I will be very political.


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My main issues were financial. I was furloughed for 16 months because I work in conventions and meetings, which stopped completely over night. Since I live in a city that has tourism and hospitality as its core industry, there was nowhere to pivot to without moving.
We missed our grand daughter's 2nd birthday and our grandson's 1st birthday. I missed my granddaughters 3rd birthday because I had to prioritize the job search.

My wife was able to work through and she lost coworkers to c-19.

The stress of losing 2/3 of our household income took a toll on my marriage.

I got lucky in that I was called back to a higher position than I left, due to attrition.


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I have a project band......guys that contribute tracks for songs we or I have written. My good pal Bob who does some of our guitar tracks had his best friend of 35 years pass away due to covid......a drummer who he was in a band with for 17 years. Bob's brother came down with covid and ended up in the hospital on a ventilator for a month. By the grace of god he made it out.....though still needing long term rehab. My wifes' brother came down with it. He would not go into the hospital. He actually said...if he dies...he dies. Day after day at home......he came close......very close.....but made it. My wife's immune compromised friend caught it and died in days.

In's been trauma after trauma.......a new cause of PTSD. Happiness and security and plans and hopes for the future have all been put on hold.

How many of us have said......."who would have thought this would happen in our lifetime?" It did.

Our lives are marked by covid forever.



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Covid exploding in Euro countries and starting to cause problems even though many vaccinated. 😭

So the way it is going, it could mean some kind of restrictions yet again.
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Not much has changed here, other than postponing or canceling concerts. I'm an essential worker so I went to work everyday. Happy everything is starting to open up. And just like everyone, my family has lost loved ones due to Covid.