Hamas Attack

With any luck they will all off each other, problem solved. Then the Mid East can be opened up as a vacation land for lawyers in love.
Goal posts... keep moving them... you asked for "anything" condemning Hamas as if it was impossible information to find... I literally opened a "New Webpage" and on the very first "Headline" was someone condemning Hamas. "But... but... that's not good enough! That's one guy! Of course he would condemn Hamas! I meant, find me more... more!" You guys can keep wanking each other off if you'd like... you should probably do it behind closed doors though. We can all watch you doing it here.

Also... really, really telling that you'd drag some BLM hate into this thread. We see you.
Several days ago I mentioned clashes between Hamas supporters, scuse, Palestinian supporters, and the black Israelite cult. The news is now reporting a woman who called Palestinians "her people" got all worked up and rammed her car into what she thought was an Israeli Jewish school. It weren't. Yep, you guessed it, it were a black Israelite school. Whoops. It would almost be funny if it weren't so screwed up. Fucking tribalism.

"However, the Anti-Defamation League defines the Israelite School of Universal and Practical Knowledge as an “extreme and antisemitic” sect of the Black Hebrew Israelites. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Black Hebrew Israelites as a hate group."
"Human Haters Club" -- honestly, you must be quite hateful to so blindly avoid the fact that we (or, at the very least, myself) seriously care about the future of mankind. That's downright disrespectful and a case of shamefully baseless and blatantly misinformed name-calling all too common among those of your faction (never mind Donald Trump!).
I used to care but that ship; sailed. We were given the stewardship of a planet and we have failed miserably. We deserve what is coming. Good luck young folk.
Whoever put the word in Hamas' ear to attack, backed out of joining in. Now, Gaza's being flattened, and all Hamas members are being killed. Only idiots would think protests around the world would stop Israel from wiping out Hamas. Pro Palestine protests will continue for a very long time. Because when this is over, there won't be a Hamas member left in Gaza or the middle east. If there are, Israel has given up. Every Hamas member should be destroyed.

On the bright side, there will at least 50 - 100,000 less Palestinians in Gaza. The rest will probably be homeless and occupied for years to come. But, you get what you voted for.