Grumpy old men


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You know when you get older how your balls get bigger and they sag. When you go to sleep at night you have to pull them out from between your legs.
You have a tendency to sit on them now then. You know how it is when your out driving around on a hot summer day to get away from the old ball and chain and drinking a few beers, then you realize you've been sitting on your balls for the last twenty minutes and now the rest of your junk is frozen from
holding the ice cold beers between your legs. Your balls have fallen asleep. I was always told I had big balls but I didn't know it would come to this! This is just one reason you have grumpy old men, big balls and they are usually blue balls at this age.
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What a bleak picture of a possible future. And to think, I was expecting a funny ‘get off my lawn’ story, possibly involving a shotgun. Only to read what cannot be unread.

Is there a “don’t like button”? :D
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Gravity is a cruel mistress. We won't go into what it does to a large pair of tits.

"There once was a man from Madras
Who had balls made out of brass
and when they clanged together
they played "Stormy Weather"
and lightening flew out his ass.


All you have is now
Some things are just better off left unsaid ...TMI :ROFLMAO:

a pair of socks filled with marbles 🤯
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Does anyone poop, accidentally miss, and poop on the toilet seat? And then leave it as a nice surprise for the next guest to use the restroom? 😃