GREAT vocal performances

Not Rick, the other guy, Robin. Gotta wait for it. Not one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs, but this vocal performance is pretty great.

As big a prick as he apparently was, in his youth Jerry Lewis had a fantastic singing voice which I don't know if this was promoted when he was paired with Dean Martin. His voice apparently lost its luster as he got older, had inhaled too many cigarettes.

The YouTube channel this is from has a number of recordings by Lewis.

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She does stellar on the whole album but this is my favorite from ‘Drag’. Saw her on PBS doing it live after the release and bought it the next day in CD

Not my favo vocal ‘performance’ but I love Moody Blues all day long
I play a lot of their songs. The only time I have seen an orchestra was at one of their concerts. They played tunes I didn't hear at other concerts of theirs. I had my daughter with me. She was about nine? It was a great show.