GREAT vocal performances

I was waiting for Righteous Bros Unchained Melody and it was listed rightfully (no pun intended). I always loved the vocals on this one but Top Gun kind of gave it a bad name imo

Gorgeous vocal performance imo

I love this one as a duet but pretty much anything Johnny. The chemistry between him and June is so electric but just as vox? Yeah, they pwn

My brother gets a laugh that I like this one, but the guy does a helluva job. For the longest time I thought this was Blood Sweat and Tears, that Clayton Thomas guy. The 70's, I recall this one as a kid blasting from the concession stand at the lake, sunburned to a crisp, but not a care.

These guys played at my high school prom. That was a memorable night. The pictures in this video pretty much looks like 1971!