Fries or Onion rings?


I walk the line
I like fried zucchini too, but I guess I think of that and fried mushrooms (and fried pickles) as more bar food as opposed to fast food.


I walk the line
I used to make fried zucchini and mushrooms at a bar that I worked at. Man I wish I could remember how to make the sauce I made for them! All I seem to remember is mayo, horseradish and mustard. It was pretty simple, whatever it was, but man it was good.


All you have is now
I used to drive a box truck around Southern California. I was always on the lookout for the cool lunch spots. There were still quite a few mom & pop charbroiler joints, the kind that Carl's Jr. was before it became a big chain. They usually had good fried zucchini.
Fortunately there still are a lot of the Greek Mom n Pop burger shops here in So Cal Farmer Boys went all corporate but still put out an awesome fried zucchini...Pepsi, Pepsi, cheeseburger no Coke! ;)


One Hit Wonder
It really boils down to how well they’re done. I’ve had atrocious fries and even worse O rings.

Now if we’re talking peak fries vs peak rings, I think i need to go with Rings.