Food gardening

Squirrels used to get my mangos and avocados but they’d never eat the fallen ones it seemed, only the ones on the tree and they’d eat a small area and leave the rest of the fruit. Cute little bastards 😡
I haven't seen a squirrel or a chipmunk here in three years? Tons of them in upstate NY. As soon as the sun went down it was a chipmunk choir from all directions. Maybe something to do with my two outdoor cats? I had them in NY, maybe they were just overwhelmingly out numbered.
This year has been a bit of a bummer. I put out a half dozen tomato plants. Two that are in a spot that did great have just curled from the hot sun. Of the 4 by the patio, one has just started to wilt, and it's not from lack of water. We have had quite a bit of rain over the past week or so. It was doing fine when we went for almost a month without rain, just me watering things.

The cherry crop was bad this year. The weather had been pretty warm early, so the cherries were starting to ripen and harden, then we got a few weeks of rain and cooler weather, and the cherries tried to plump up, which caused at least half of them to split. The ones that didn't were pretty small. In the end, I think I got 3 quarts of cherries in the freezer. Last year I had about 4 or 5 gallons of cherries and they were really nice.

I have some nice ghost pepper plants, hopefully I'll get some good peppers, so I have another bunch of seeds for next year.

If the tomatoes don't do great, well there's always the grocery!
I only planted 4 regular tomato plants, Big Beef. They're okay, not as flavorful as I had hoped. The rest, 6 Roma and 6 San Marzano, I'm getting a lot of blossom end rot, dry weather didn't help. Might not be consistent and bountiful enough harvest to make it worth doing some canning.

Thought it was voles, turns out groundhogs hit me really hard. Took out..

Pole Beans
Bush Beans
"Little Willie" Beans
Swiss Chard
Probably some I'm failing to mention..
Started n on the peach/plum tree

Hit me real hard, very disappointing. Only things untouched were tomatoes, corn, jalapeno, cayenne & poblano peppers, some herbs and lettuces, would likely have been next if I hadn't finally managed to put an end to it. So far so good, there's at least one still around, but he/she is very cautious, and should be. A few cukes, yellow squash, watermelon, pumpkin may come back, not sure. I pulled what was left of some of those and replanted. That will delay fall crop planting in some areas. Replaced some of the yellow squash with winter squash, Butternut.

Cherry tree did survive its first year in the ground following a previous did not. Stella, sweet cherry. Has pretty vigorous growth, cautiously optimistic hopefully next year we'll get cherries.