Epstein Associate on Suicide Watch after Name-Dropping the Clintons


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Looking bad for Bill and the Hill folks.
Ms. Maxwell's sentencing has been postponed.
She was due for June 28.

Ghislaine Maxwell is about to be sentenced, but she just name-dropped the Clintons in court documents and has been moved to suicide watch​

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Makes total sense.
Anyone who speaks even unkindly about the Clintons, immediately realizes how wrong they are. The guilt often drives them to suicide. Even to the point of shooting themselves with a shotgun after a self hanging . Just to make sure all the guilt is alleviated

rob aylestone

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If I was going to prison for the rest of my life - I'd name drop anybody, true or not. Hell - it can't get any worse can it?


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Associated Press is reporting that a man wearing a Santa Claus outfit and riding a unicorn was seen near the cell where Maxwell is being held.

This is spooky stuff, folks.
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Why don't they open the sealed list of names from the Maxwell trial?
Let us see who the kiddie-diddle "customers" were.
Orange man's name has just gotta be on the list... just gotta.
Here's absolute proof-positive that Trump was molesting kids at Epstein Island.
Caught in the very act!!!!
Melania was only 12.
Just ask IBB.
Open the sealed envelope ALREADY.
SHOW TIME! 🥃 🥃 🥃 :drunk: