I am mortal.

Look, see me falter?

Oh - you chortle!

So be it.

All my heart has been depleted.
My mind is wholly unseated

I hold no malice
I want the chalice

Bless me father for I have sinned
and I will again

I need a job
I need a mission
I need - I need - I need - I knead
The bread

The monks who look inside, well from there they know the outside
Or so I'm told, or read or heard in a bar.
I want only to project the all that is only me and not a reflection of this society.
But how?

How do I become egoless?

Oh wait!

I remember - play guitar all day ---- and every day ------ and thank the world for the opportunity.
Well I suppose the old saying, "ask and you shall receive", is true.

At work I was handed a project in which my task was to pipe up a bunch of heat exchangers for a molten salt reactor.

I am now humbled.