Does Your Cable Bill SUCK?


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I don't watch much TV. But, it's nice to have something. Where we live, comcast (a monopoly) is the only cable line into the house. For 13 channels it's almost $70 a month. For comcast internet, it's $150 + a month. Verizon Fios was almost $200 for internet and cable. Those are outrageous prices.

You need to check if it's available in your area. But, for $50 a month (it's a special price. You have to ask about it) we get T-Mobile G5 unlimited monthly internet. If we have it for 20 years, supposedly the price will never rise. $50 flat fee with the internet box. I get internet all over the townhouse, it's GREAT. It's definitely not as fast as a cable coming into the house. But, it's not so noticeable that it's distracting. I've streamed some TV shows and there hasn't been a freeze or buffer. It buffers a second when I first put it on.

For $30 I bought the Roku express streaming device. For Free, Roku gives you over 100 channels. I love tru crime and there's at least 2 or 4 channels dedicated to death and murder. With Ruko, you also add channels for free. You can also add Premium channels for a monthly fee. So, we have Bravo, PBS, TUBI (live TV, just not from your area. We get Chicago CBS, NBC, FOX stations.) plus a whole host of others. I even have American Horrors channel. If you look closely at the wallpaper, in the bottom left corner there's a poster bit that says A George Snow DV US SINNERS.

Unlimited Internet, 100s of Free Stations, Movies, and such.
$50 a month.

That sure beats hundreds for basically the same thing. So, if you're paying through the nose, check it out.


My brother wants to watch sports so we bought a package deal. When I live on my own, I’m only getting internet. No cable. No phone line. Nothing else.


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I don't watch TV.

T-Mobile plan is $40 /month. It includes unlimited min/ data. It includes T mobile TV that has a bunch of networks+movies. So I mirror cast to my TV.

I have been doing audiobooks lately. Something to occupy the mind.


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G5 TMOBILE sounds interesting, the idea of having the "one package- one bill"....all done through the Smart Phone and Streaming is worth reading up on.

I cut the TV cable and stuck a free-antenna up and get free tv for what its worth. The channels "freeze out" now and then but theres always a couple strong signals that hold up. I watch my football and maybe some other stuff, but its 20% of the time. Its FREE.!
and with a FREE crap antenna and the picture is amazing when its good reception.
Im tempted to get a really good Antenna at times, but I really cant stand all the FREE commercials on regular FREE tv.
Its easy to get spoilt with streaming stuff like Netflix with zero commercials. Netflix you can watch shows without 50 interruptions!....its hard to stomach the barrage of constant commercial breaks once you get away from it.
FREE is good though.

Spectrum Internet Only here ..apprx $70 in Texas, Dallas/Ft Worth area (includes all the added on charges and fees.)
I have the Cable Internet with Modem>WIFI> for the whole house..
one hard cable direct for gaming.
a few cheap ROKUs Streaming TV.
Pay for Netflix (6/10) $18? and Amazon Prime(9/10) $12?...aprx$25 month combined
so $100 a month total aprx...?

Mbps download
Mbps upload


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Amazon Prime(9/10) $12?...
Amazon is great for scheduled deliveries. $100/year for free shipping. Includes prime for movies with the ladies. Now with Covid local stores cannot special order or see what's coming on the truck. So for Pet supplies, Amazon brings them to my door. 40lb bag of cat litter. Cat food every month. Oil filter and oil, twice a year..Razor blades. For 10 years, it has been part of the holiday bonuses.

Youtube has free movies. No sign up
Redbox has free movies. No sign up
Crackle? IMdb ? free..

Set the phone as a WiFi hotspot, place it in the charger, and the desktop/TV/Printer can go online. T Mobile $40/mo
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I cut the cable-TV cord 4 years ago. When I moved in here I got Spectrum (cable modem) internet only. Then I bought a decent OTA digital TV antenna which provides 60+ channels, of which only 16 interest me. But virtually zero cable channels interest me, so I'm better off and I'm not out the $70+/mo for the basic programming tier.

I recently installed a wi-fi network fed from my cable modem's ethernet, so I use that to provide internet to my laptop and phone. Next, I'm moving my phone to a different carrier with a 2GB data limit (down from my current unlimited) for another $60+/mo savings - I'll use my phone as a phone only, basically.

Spectrum offers $44.95/mo each for cable and/or internet, locked in for 12 months. That's fine. but then it nearly doubles to $74.99/mo EACH after the 12 month period.
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I have centurylink and internet is only $45/mo. I cut the cord a few years ago and am fine with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. When Disney plus or Paramount plus have show I want to watch, I wait until the entire season drops, then I sign up for a month and watch them...then cancel.