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The team that scored ten points in their playoff game and lost their star receiver just drafted two defensive players.

Go Bucks!


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So we’re giving a try at recording again. Probably first time in maybe 2-3 years. Unfortunately it’s not completely like riding a bike. Some of it comes back, and some it involves googling a bunch of stuff that I used to know how to do, lol.

MIDI seems to be the biggest culprit. We use V drums, and I’ve always recorded them via MIDI. Otherwise you just get a stereo track of the entire kit. Snare not loud enough? Too bad. Kick needs compression? Better hope the compression sounds good on everything else in the kit. With MIDI you can use a Sonar feature that splits each note (in this case each item in the kit) to an individual track. From there I record each track to audio, and can then do whatever I want with - pan, volume, effects, etc.

Anyway, we got the drum track down last week. Tonight is the guitars - probably two acoustic tracks and one electric.


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Ah, yup. Broke out the condenser mic in order to record the acoustic guitar tonight. Took me ten minutes before I figured out that the reason I wasn't getting any sound was I hadn't turned out the phantom power. Duh. :(


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Congrats to Justin Thomas. Great to see the hometown boy win his 2nd PGA championship. Hopefully I'll be walking around Valhalla in 2024 watching him do it again.