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Didn’t make it to the chain supermarket (publix, Kroger,’piggly wiggly, whatever yours is but made it to the local Central American joint and I’ll take pics when I get back home
I’ve had pear cactus before in thenCaribbean islands and have no ducking idea how to make it tasty like they did there, but bought some cheap at the local Central American market

And it in the fridge for grilling tomorrow I’ve been stuck twice in my fingers , once where I had to get tweezers to pull the needle spine thingy out. Tomorrow I am going to grill or boil or whatever the fuck out of this thing to make it edible because it drew first blood. Fucking cactus😡😡😡
Somehow I stopped getting notifications for this thread. It's so peaceful here! :-)

I'll be cooking soon. Probably not til after this covid bullshit I got from clients who didn't bother to tell me they had it for two weeks running through their family. I don't see them much, but I pet their dog everyday on a stepladder to the upper level deck. UGH!
Besides the duckin cactus I bought sweet potatoes and will grill those first. Already wrapped in foil and coals are warming.
I’m nippin Jack Daniels and lightly toking indica m. I’m going to burn these chicken quarters I just know it . Oh fuck me
Fuck me I think I still have cactus needle in my fingers. Grrr.
Put on Chariots of the Gods because I don’t go to sleep without noise snd something entertaining
I grilled four chicken quarters over the weekend and finally pulled/cut flesh from bone and tendon, so it’s in pieces, ‘pulled’ if you will. I put it in a pan with sliced onions last night with the Mojo sauce and let it steam for a bit. It is good.
I am trying out a griddle (cast iron pan). Have you tried that? I have to say I like it better than a grill for almost everything, but marinated chicken works the best on a griddle IMO.
I am trying out a griddle (cast iron pan). Have you tried that? I have to say I like it better than a grill for almost everything, but marinated chicken works the best on a griddle IMO.
I’ve used one for many delicious foods but don’t have one atm. That beast was heavy.
Breakfast…I’ve never really been a breakfast type person except coffee. I saw a clip of a man in Ukraine (I believe…or Gaza; one of the two areas being pummeled with missiles) interviewed about his morning routine and stated he started his day with coffee and a little bread. I can sit down to a full feast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, fruit and flapjacks but don’t usually because then I want to nap…after just waking up.

So anyway, inspired by the vid, I bought a loaf of Italian bread and have been eating two or three small pieces of it daily this week with coffee. Unlike yogurt or an egg biscuit or a full bagel, or a piece of fruit, or an all-out feast, I actually feel good doing this. A couple of pieces, no sugar or protein, and seems to sit well with the acidy coffee.

So why not just a piece of regular toast? Probably the same but I don’t care for the skinny, wide, messy nature of eating a piece of toast. This bread is the narrow (maybe 3” wide?) type with the golden crisp outside and soft, chewy inside filled with air bubbles. The little 1” pieces I cut are hand food and not messy so I can walk around eating without leaving a trail of crumbs.

Breakfast with Seeker 😋
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If you do bread right, and most other countries do, bread is a very good part of a meal. That being said, my daughter purchased a bread maker some 5-6 years ago. It say around and didn't get used. Sooooooo, I decided to make use of it. WOW!!! Made some white bread, some rye bead, and it is so easy.

For reference:

In the winter, make white bean soup with a big fat ham bone, make some bread, and it is dense, server with Cream cheese. That is such a good winter meal. OK, so I am hillbilly, what can I say. But that meal is better than almost any I have had from all around the world.

That bread maker also makes good pizza dough as well. Can't say why, just really good pizza crust.