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This was recorded with just my phone. When I measured on the phone, it was showing around 70dB. But I think you will find the frequency is what is piercing.
I thought I would share so others know what a true love song is. My understanding, they wait 17 years, come out, look for a mate, breed and die. The noise is to attract a mate, this is done with their wings.

What a life ;)


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LOL yeah it was about 17 years ago that Dobro posted about dealing with these little buggers I think in Singapore...17 years buried in the ground only to rise , procreate and then die within 60 days of emerging. I guess some "hatch" annually


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They were all over our property the last time they were around. Nothing this year. I don't like bugs. They're the devil's spawn.


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We are still having them although the volume had dropped some. I first posted about them May 26th. That's 3 weeks worth of carcasses on the driveway, noise all afternoon and early evening, and swarming around the trees while you try to cut grass. The other night I had one on my pants when I came inside from letting the dogs out. Walked into the kitchen and it jumped off to the floor. I also took my H4n out a few days ago to record them. It's interesting to listen to their song modulate up and down.


I remember an emergence in Illinois circa 1990, I think. My area had almost none, but a bit east and south, there were so many the road felt greasy while driving, and the volume was deafening.

TR, consider yourself fortunate having only one in your britches!