Certain For Miles - Cayetana


In the movie Fighting with My Family (watched it again tonight), there's a great scene where she's coming to America. The song is excellent. I finally decided to find out who it was. It's CAYETANA. A female 3 piece punk band. They're GREAT. They're beyond simple. The guitarist only strums, but even when she's playing the same chord, she's making it sound different. The drummer is tight, and the bassist is almost playing lead. I love'em. Unfortunately, I'm a few years too late. They broke up. The singer has a new band. I have to give it a real listen. It's her distinctive voice. But so far it seems to lack this bassist's expertise.

This is the version they used for the film.

If someone can tell me what they think the guitarist's effects are, I'd love to know. I wish I could get that full sound.


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