Black Friday

jonny deep

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So we have Black Friday sales over here now. Seems to be a bunch of idiots camping outside shops and then fighting over low quality TVs. Is that how the tradition goes States-side?

It seems to have started when Wal Mart bought Asda. Are Wal Mart to blame?

Mr Clean

AKA Teddy Wong
Last year I saw the idiots arguing and "literally" fighting over cheap TV's in ASDA. That was enough to make me stay indoors this year.


It's happening in Canada too, this year. :mad: I went out for lunch today and traffic was awful. Parking lots were full too. No way was I going into a store.


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It doesn't really happen over here - perhaps because we're so far ahead of the US in the time zone, so by the time it's Black Friday over there and people are shopping, we're asleep.


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I've had a few black Friday offers by email from American companies...but, with the time difference they all arrived Saturday morning. (And, with the present exchange rate, the offers aren't that good anyway).


"It doesn't really happen over here - perhaps because we're so far ahead of the US..." END OF SENTENCE.
I had one via email yesterday - ZZounds I think.
I'd settle for Deadly Ernest & a nnight of classic schlock horror on the TV OR one of those old Elvira specials.


So, nobody bought anything at a discount price today? I saved at least $400 on shit I was thinking about buying anyway. Though, I did likely waste a few hundred on shit that was likely crap...


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I'm waiting for Cyber Monday. I've got my eye on the Waves H-Reverb and a couple of other plugs.
They are on sale now...but I've gotten burned before...bought a sale item on the Black Friday sale, only to see it further discounted on Cyber Monday.

That said...I did buy a set of Surh Thornbucker pickups with the raw nickle covers. They sell for about $240, I got them for $216. Not a major Black Friday deal...but I was looking for a new set of pups anyway to try out, and these seemed like a nice choice. Surh makes top-shelf stuff, so I don't think I'll be disappointed.
Will post back after I get them installed.