Are there things you wouldn't do musically, if asked?

...In a typical working bar band like I'm in you pretty much have to play Mustang Sally...

Do you really believe those drunken slobs want to hear you play Mustang Sally yet again? Or are you just perpetuating the vicious circle for a handful of morons?

I have trouble believing they all would reject fresh songs if done well.

(my 2 cents)
The one thing i was asked to do musically I flat out refused. One band i was asked to join had a pretnetious bassist who asked that if i we were to share the stage with him that i not play my guitar upside down. HE felt it made him look bad and less talented. He was left handed as well, but his strings were right side up... mine were not.

I Basically told him to go fuck himself ( i was 20 at the time) it wasnt a relfection of talent, it was how i learned??? And it was all powerchords and down strums anyways so what difference did it make?


If you ask me to play a guitar properly i will say no. This is how i learned and its staying that way. Mind you, i do have a friend who has a bunch of lefty guitars strung properly i am "re-learning" on and its fun as hell to turn everything i have learned in the last 20 years upside down in my head and give'r.

Other then that im usually up for anything.

Right now im having a hard time finding anyone to do a three chord punk rock tribuite to Stompin' Tom.

'Floor Punching Tom Connors and the XSpudsX

.... Personally, i think it would be stellar. HAHA

No one is biting.
Why not? If it were heartfelt, sincere, tastefully executed...most folks would appreciate the gesture I would think.

Or did you mean you wouldn't perform your own eulogy musically?

Or how about Tool's "Eulogy"?


The only playing situation where I've ever refused to do something was a one-off show where I played guitar for a few vocalist buddies of mine. They wanted to end the concert with "Closing Time" by, oh, Fastball or something, one of those forgettable late '90s bands, which I thought was asinine. They ended up doing that number without me.

Aside from anything that just reeks of showmanship and pandering, though, I'm pretty much game for anything. I just like playing.

(though, covering Mustang Sally isn't my idea of a good time either - if that's a prereq for a bar band gig, then I'd probably be out)

...and actually, I guess the caveat is that almost anything would fly for a one-off, but joining a band that I just wasn't that into was a different story. If I don't dig the music at least sort of, then I'd never want to put myself into a position where I was playing it day in, day out.
Didn't they put out the original recordings for Schoolhouse Rock also? The guy - Jack (whose last name escapes me now - Sheldon maybe) - that did Conjunction Junction was a horn player in Merv Griffin's talk show band. Merv used to get him up and sing a tune once in a while. Enjoyed Blossom Dearie's contribution to Schoolhouse too (and I most likely misspelled her last name).

Anyone remember the shorts that Tom Chapin - Harry's brother - did for ABC that were usually aired on Saturday morning? He had some cool tunes on those too.