Are there or are there not flying saucers or UFO's?

Yeah, I read the Politico piece. Although the voice recordings can at times suggest differently, these guys are serious about what they do and are not prone to flights of fancy, so to speak. It seems almost as if whatever these things are some are hanging out in military training zones off coast of Virginia, almost as if gatekeepers. Stationary, in very high winds. A sphere inside a cube? Crazy stuff.

I fished those beaches many many times, daytime as well as considerable time at night. Lots of air traffic there, military and civilian, nearly continuous. I've never seen anything like that. Strangest thing I ever saw was a rocket launch off coast at Wallops Island. Luckily a photographer had setup on the beach that night to catch pics, or I might have thought, how did Fred Sanford put it?....This is the big one, I'm coming to see you Elizabeth!
Eventually the truth will be revealed....I was told by a retired high ranking air force guy that I met on plane a few years ago that the word is that will be in the next few years. Sure as shit these Navy videos came out and though it is not saying what it is, it sure isn't saying what it isn't either.... breaking us in slowly for the real truth. We were just talking and when I found out he was in the air force, I bugged him about his take. He said they are not of human origin.

Conversely my nephew who both he and his wife were "lifer" mechanics in the air force said it's all bull shit there is no proof of anything that is not of this world. Are they lying? Who knows. I've been chasing the Roswell story since I first heard of it in 1971. One of my close buds Uncle was a colonel in the air force and when he asked about UFO's back in the 70's he flat out told him he just couldn't "honestly" discuss that topic with him...

Time will tell.